About Us

As a teenager I was interested into changing my mobile devices. The first one was the HTC HD2, which could run Windows 95, PlayStation 1, Android, Windowsphone and a few other Operating Systems. I love playing around with this technology and this passion has stayed with me. Recently I moved to everything smart. I’ve often been disappointed by the readability of the reviews I found for smartwatches, smartphones, etc.

Some description are overly technical while others only present pretty pictures and the latest gimmicks. This makes it not always easy to see through the jargon and make a well-informed choice.

Five Star Smart is created as a place that I would like to visit myself. Easy to read & easy to find is what drives me. Whether you want all the technical details or a first quick glance before buying, we’ll provide it all. Five Star Smart is here to provide easy access to the latest products, reviews, and recommendations that will help you make your decision easy, without pandering to you.

As Five Star Smart came together, we realized there are some features that are too good not to share. That’s why you’ll a large variety. At Five Star Smart you can find smartwatches that you can wear to an evening out, or a day out in the woods, and everything in between.

We love to make recommendations when we find products that we love and find really good. Sometimes we make a commission from these recommendations, but we don’t recommend products we don’t believe in. We look for the rugged watches,  savvy watches, watches for children, and any other style that helps you connect to the world around you – and make it easier for you!