Discovering Smartwatches

Discovering Smartwatches

As a kid I used to disassemble radios. One screw would usually be redundant when I assembled the radio. Usually it stopped working after that. I learned and gradually I experienced a few radios being able to be turned on again. Success is in the small things! Nowadays I get inspired by beautifully designed smartwatches.

The proto Smartwatch

One of my friends dads used to travel a lot. One day he had returned with him from his travels the ultimate gadget. It was a watch, for sure. Better yet, it could control the TV. In my memory it could turn it on and off. In reality it turns out it can ‘merely’ switch Channels. It was a blast. The look in the teachers’ face when the Television would switch channels was golden. The watch was probably a Casio 1174 CMD-40 Remote Control Watch. It was a guaranteed success. This is where my interest in the extra-ordinary started.

On the road to nowadays

I still combine technology with my interests. I switched from disassembling radios to configuring my smartphones. The greatest fun I had was with the HTC HD2. A powerhouse on its release in 2008 with 1GB RAM, which was ridiculous at the time. Especially considering it ran on Windows Mobile, which was not renowned for its amazing User Interface. The phone even had a Playstation One Emulator ported to it. I had so much fun with this. Subsequent phones underwent the same treatment until companies made it ever more difficult to port and configure phones.

Turning to Smartwatches

After some 3 years with my wonderful smartphone I came across a very interesting project. It was the wildly succesful Kickstarter from Pebble in 2012 that diverted my interest to the smartwatch. The smooth combination between technology and style is what attracts me. Besides, it is still revolutionizing the way we, literally, look at the time. It will be interesting to see where these developments will end up. Glad to have you share in this journey and share my enthusiasm with you!


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