Tracking on a budget: Letscom Fitness Tracker HR

Letscom Fitness Tracker HRThere are several budget trackers out there and the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR has been in the spotlight since it was launched in 2018. has been producing in this spectrum since 2014. Users are all over the place on this one. Some say it’s the worst product since unsliced bread. Others find it the find of the century because of the low price and the wide range of features. 

Letscom clearly focuses on the cheap end of the spectrum. In all fairness, activity trackers can be expensive. If you are looking to start tracking your habits on a budget, than this review is for you. We will go over all of the features and see what competitors have to offer.

As always delve right in if you want to with our table of contents below to get immediate answers to all your questions.

Getting more than what you paid for

Letscom offers a smooth product for a low price at $ 29.95. The company operates a service center within the United States and is based in China. They offer an interesting variety of products from which their activity trackers boasts the biggest number of products. Letscom offers a great product for its price. That is not to say it is a great product, although is does what it promises.

The big question is whether the product can make right on its promises. For its price, it features a vast array of desirable additions for an activity tracker. There is heart rate monitoring as well as sleep monitoring. It features a step counter, chalks up your burned calories and comes up with some 14 different exercise modes. It even features what Whitings calls connected GPS. This means that if you pair the activity tracker with your phone it will record your route and distance. Obviously this means bringing your phone along.

If you’re curious about standard features than you need not worry. You can receive calls, check your calender, even SMS and notifications by the biggest online social media platforms. Look forward to have this tracker on you for up to a week with a full charge. With that being said it is time to take a closer look at the features.

User experiences with the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR

While we can’t deny the vast amount of features, the same goes for user experiences. Reactions to this tracker are mixed, to say the least. There were rumours about the company actually paying people to remove bad reviews. Whether that is the case or not we’ll let you judge for yourself. We will provide you with a short overview of the main features. Especially the ones with ambiguous records.

Sleep monitoring

The Tracker HR promises to monitor deep, light, and wake sleep. The data syncs to the accompanying VeryFit Pro app. You can download it in both the Apple and Google Store. The tracking itself seems skewed. Users report it tracks sleep time during regular sleep hours. This means if they are awake late at night, the recorded data still counts towards time slept. This is somewhat confusing, since staying up late does not equal sleeping. Not all is bad of course, users frequently mention the Letscom is actually quite comfortable to wear in bed.

We took some naps to find the best sleep tracker >> Check it out to find yours!

Heart rate monitoring

The same goes for heart rate monitoring. Users reported anything from 5% till 100% off. This range is to big, whether it happens incidentally or not. There is a shortcut to prevent your heart rate from being all over the place without lifting a finger. Turn the tracker 180 degrees and have the monitoring closer to your veins. Make the strap a bit tighter than you’d normally do. This improves the heart rate monitoring quite a bit!

Step counter

By now this is becoming a repetitive story as the user response is once again ambiguous. Some amounts of steps were not counted at all. Others are deleted after being counted. Than there are people who feel the Tracker HR is the best stepcounter ever. There is just too much noise surrounding these basic features to accurately tell what is working and what is not. Luckily for you there are several other options to look for.

Tracking the competitors

Xiaomi Band 3

Also from China, but at least with a better reputation comes this little gem. It does barely function as a standalone tracker. The basic features it contains are the stepcounter, heart rate tracker and notifications. It will help you with sleep monitoring better than the Tracker HR, yet sometimes you will have to edit your sleeping hours manually. This in itself is not an issue, since this occurs on some of the higher priced trackers as well.

You will be tracking your activities up to a week while charging requires less than an hour. Apart from these features the Band 3 contains the option for contactless payments with NFC. If you are prepared to use your phone alongside your tracker the Xiaomi Band 3 will be your choice for only $ 34.-

Garmin Vivofit 4

The 4th installment lets you really detach yourself from tedious charging with over a year of battery on one charge.  No need to take it of in the shower either with a 5 ATM resistance. There are several training programs and nudges to get you up and going. Already good at that? Challenge your children to a step challenge with the Vivofit Jr. 2.

If you are a newcomer to activity tracking you might want to skip the Vivofit 4 because of its lack of heart rate monitoring. Also there is no intensity tracking, which is backed up by the ability to set time threshold to have the tracker distinghuish between the occasional run to catch the subway or a genuine run. If you don’t mind the heartrate monitoring being absent this really well put tracker is yours for $ 79.-

Amazfit Equator

If you are looking for something well designed and comfortable to wear this will be your choice.  The slim design of the tracker doubles as a necklace as well! It features silent vibrating alarms and notifications and it resists water up to 3 feet. You’ll have the feeling of freedom with this one coming in at only 0.5 oz.

Your data is viewed in the accompanying app which makes it understandable Amazfit boasts a 10 day battery life. Once you need to charge, you just do that wireless. Granted, there have been bugs with pairing and in the meantime it is becoming an ‘oldy’. However, if you want to stand out in the crowd the Amazfit Equator will give you a great opportunity at $53.-

Why buy the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR?

If you are looking to start out and don’t want to spend too much or don’t have much to spend, the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR is for you. You can choose several different colors and replacement bands are easy to find. It is comfortable to wear, also in bed and it does not cost you much.

As you might have noticed we held back a little with our usual enthusiasm for the products we review. There is nothing wrong with expectations that are not met in a product. With the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR however it seems to be of a fundamental nature, namely functioning. That is a pity, which makes its alternatives very appealing.

If you are looking for a good introduction that will not set you back too much we’d recommend the Xiaomi Band 3 which will cost you some $5.- more than the Letscom. This small extra amount will provide you with a product with a much better user experience.

A more serious step is offered to you by the Garmin Vivofit 4. That is, if you are not held back by the lack of heart rate monitoring. It features great integration with other Garmin products which is a really big plus.

Standing out in the crowd while tracking your activities was never more easy than with this very well aging Amazfit Equator. It features a good variety of features for its price. So, if you are looking to combine style, reliability and a low price, the Amazfit Equator is going to feature on you wrist very soon.

We can’t ignore the fact that the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR appears to lack in quality. That is a pity, especially because of its promising list of features. The question than becomes, would a company be able to pull it of for such a low price? The answer seems to be no. If that does not bother you too much and would like to start of on a budget than you’ll still want to pick the Letscom Fitness Tracker HR for only $ 29.-

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